Psychoterratic States are a new classifcation of emotions and behaviors that relate to climate change that has been created by Dr Glenn Albrecht. This campaign makes these terms more accessible to the public, particularly Gen Z.


Albrecht’s work is in response to a very real need : having specific language to talk about climate change.. However,his presentations are not reaching theraudience well.  


A poster and accompanying clothing series that uses imagery and phrases found in popular youth brands.

savannah quarum (designer + illustrator)  

In order to form an emotional response, it is important that people encounter the subject in places where they might be feeling some psychoterratic states.  Posters, therefore, would be an ideal medium to engage with audiences in industrialized, frequently trafficked spaces.

Moody phrases at the top of the textual hierarchy that was both striking and relatable enough to draw my audience in. These phrases are intended to capture the essence of each state but in terms that are more relatable to my audience.
They are brightly colored but duotone and feature both illustrations as well as digital photo manipulations. These choices emphasize the real and abstract nature of the terms and connect the series to the aesthetics of grassroots political movements.
They all feature a hand engaging in some gestures such as pushing away, or flipping off to symbolize the engagement humans have and are responsible for in these states.


-   Designing is currating an emotional experience and this project was a great way to visually explore many different emotions

- Visual explorations are great, but in the future, I want to make things where the viewer can both absorb the work and also interact with it.


Meredith James

Clarissa Fredericks-Wright